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  • Carpet Cleaning Chicago

    Health benefits of a clean carpet:

    A healthy home starts from the ground up with clean carpet. Your carpets act as a trap capturing dust, soil, pollen, dander, food particles and a host of other contaminants.

  • Carpet Cleaners in Chicago

    We Deliver!

    A thorough cleaning by Jonny On The Spot eliminates these unwanted invaders and restores your carpets beauty. University research now shows that properly maintained carpet promotes improved indoor air quality for your home and your family.

  • Pet Odors

    Your family’s pet can sometimes be your carpets worst nightmare. When accidents happen, its time to call Jonny On The Spot. We can neutralize the damage that will occur if left untreated by a professional.

  • oriental rug cleaning chicago

    Worried about your precious oriental rug not being treated properly?
    Worry no more! At Jonny On The Spot we understand the value a fine oriental rug can represent. In many cases our customer’s rugs are not just a household furnishing they are an investment or a family heirloom.
    Our approach to cleaning oriental rugs combines old world craftsmanship with new technology.

  • furniture cleaning chicago

    Why replace your favorite sofa or chair?

    The experts at Jonny On The Spot can restore the beauty and extend the life of your favorite upholstered furniture. Jonny On The Spot gets your upholstery deep down clean and fresh, bringing back the vibrant color and beauty.


Why Jonny On The Spot

At Jonny On The Spot, Inc. We make a simple promise, to deliver nothing less than high quality professional service at the lowest prices possible. We will only do the type of work that will leave you completely satisfied, as we have satisfied thousands of others!!

We will treat you with the respect and dignity you and your home deserve. Be assured that we will not waver from that promise. Our understanding of quality workmanship is why we have grown to be a leader in the professional Carpet, Upholstery and Oriental rug cleaning industry.

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